Lampa FlowerPot VP4 - &tradition

Kolorowa, intrygująca lampa FlowerPot VP4 marki &tradition.



In 1968 the students’ revolts in Paris, Rome and the United States were overthrowing stiff, old values, and initiating the Flower-Power generation of peace, love and harmony. Same year, Stanley Kubrick pictured the future of the year 2001, featuring the Verner Panton Chair, and man was soon to set foot on the moon. In the world of design, a colourful, playful pendant hung in restaurants and exhibitions, and very soon, in everybody’s homes. The FlowerPot with its two semi-circular spheres facing each other has long proved its lasting design quality and is just as much a synonym of our time, too.


wymiary: średnica 23 cm, wysokość 36 cm

specyfikacja: lakierowana stal, stal polerowana, materiałowy przewód, Max.40W


czas realizacji: 4-7 dni

1.329,00 zl

Tags: &Tradition
Typ: Lampy    
Marka: &Tradition
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